If you choose our firm for the "Concept Planning" of your project, then following is the normal procedure for moving forward:
Contact our showroom and set up an appointment for an initial overview of your project and to give you a chance to judge our competence and evaluate our offered products. (717-359-4432)

Agreement to move forward would then require a retainer be paid at that time. The average retainer is $500 for "Concept Design" plans, however larger and more complex projects may require more. Regardless of the amount, it is fully applied to the purchase of the project, if purchased from us. If you already have completely detailed drawings of your project that would allow us to go ahead and prepare a quote, then a retainer would not be required.

We would then set an appointment to do a site survey that includes job site measurements and a more detailed discussion of your expectations for the project.

With that information we would then develop a concept plan, illustrations and budget pricing for your project.

After all required decisions, adjustments and/or changes have been made, all necessary product selections completed, the final pricing can be established. With the acceptance and signing of an order, a deposit of approximately 1/3 the value of the project will be due.

Upon payment of the required deposit, all required project drawings will be completed and material will be ordered. The scheduled start of the installation will be governed by availability of products from their respective suppliers. This process usually takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

As a member of the NATIONAL KITCHEN AND BATH ASSOCIATION (NKBA), we recommend that you visit their web site where the consumer is offered a wide variety of free and valuable Kitchen and Bath related information.