Our Full Custom Service consists of supplying and Installing Cabinets and counter-tops for both "Remodel" and "New Construction" projects within a 50 mile radius of Littlestown, Pa. On remodel projects it also includes the removal and disposal of existing cabinetry.

Be it "New Construction" or "Remodeling" the first logical step would be to make an appointment to visit our showroom well in advance of when your project will be needed. This step will allow you to view the products we offer as well as evaluate the professionalism of our staff. A review of some of our previous projects and their
cost might be helpful in establishing a budget range.

With this showroom visit, if you have decided that we have the products and services suitable to your needs and taste, then it would be appropriate to discuss the details, including project budget. Some clients will already have drawings available to indicate layout, sizes, door style, molding details, finish, hardware, countertop
details and accessories desired, all of which are needed in order to render a reasonably accurate quote. If you do not have such drawings, they should be developed either by us or another qualified design source.

Our "Concept Design Service" can create the necessary documents to allow you to see in "Photo Like" Images, just what your project will look like, in accordance with the information provided. There is a "Fee" for this service, however it gives you a much clearer understanding of what is being quoted, and the fee will be credited to your purchase, in accordance with the terms of the service.

Since a (Kitchen) project consists of many elements (cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, plumbing and electrical items, and labor to install), Your budget needs to clearly define what it applies to. Project details, quality level of desired products and budget are needed elements for preparation of an accurate project quotation..

Full Custom Service:
We Design, Supply and Install Custom Cabinetry and Countertops for Residential Kitchens, Baths, Home Offices, Professional Offices and other areas where nicely detailed medium to high end built-in cabinetry is desired.


For those willing to arrange for, or do their own installation, there is a product discount available. Weather you choose our higher end cabinets or one of our more competitively priced cabinets, you will receive a high quality product with a strong factory warranty with choices of finish, door styles and hardware, at a discounted price.

We offer this discount because there are many times when cabinets become available before we can accommodate the installation.

Therefore, new homes or "Do-It-Yourselfer" projects that require a quicker product schedule, can be better accommodated. For help in planning, we do offer our "Concept Design Service". However we do provide floor plan
& elevation drawings along with "Installation Guidelines" for each order.

We also offer free job site delivery service, within 20 miles with only a modest charge for deliveries beyond that.
Helpful Installation instructions are available.

Contractor and DIY Service:    
We Supply Custom as well as Semi Custom Cabinetry and a variety of
countertop materials to contractors and home owners who are able to properly install, or arrange for installation of these products themselves, thus providing a very reasonable savings on their product cost. This service includes project floor plans and elevation drawings.



Our "Replacement Countertop" service provides the opportunity for the home owner to up-date their older kitchen with a new countertop, sink and backsplash, without tearing out the entire kitchen.

Once the order is placed, it generally takes about 30 days to have the new countertop ready for installation.

The installation process for the average replacement countertop takes only 1 to 2 days and includes disconnecting, then reconnecting the sink after the new countertop is installed. It also includes the tear out and removal of the existing countertop.

Many of our customers will choose to refresh the backsplash with tile or laminate to complete the up-dated appearance of their kitchen.

A trip to our showroom with a sketch and dimensions of your existing tops will allow us to quote you an installed price on any of the following counter top materials:

Manufactured Acrylic : CORIAN and MEGANITE
Solid Wood: Many Species, all with waterproof finish

Replacement Countertop Service:
We have a "Replacement Countertop Service" that supplies and installs a variety of quality countertops for existing kitchens. Granite, Quartz, Solid Wood and Solid Surface are a few of the more popular materials we offer.

"Kitchens by Tedron" also offers versatile custom built cabinetry in
their shop in both "framed" and "frameless" construction, available in a variety of door styles, Species and Finishes.


A "Concept Design" is the end result of placing the necessary products into the available space in such a way as to create an environment where the planned activity for that space can he accomplished in a pleasant, safe and efficient manor and the overall appearance is a pleasing visual experience.

With "New Construction" the architectural plans ivill identify the available space. With "Remodel" projects, an on-site field chech is necessary to deter-mine the available space, including identifying window and door size and locations.

What has to be included in that space is determined by discussions with the client as to their preferred types of appliances, specific storage needs, normal activities that occur in that space, desired appearance values, combined "with the designers knowledge and experience concerning "efficient and effective" use of space.
After thoughtfully addressing the above, we ivill create a plan and perspective "Photo Like" images that give our clients "PICTURES" of the various areas of the designed space, allowing a better understanding of its function and appearance, similar to the "Project Images" on this web-site.

There is a "Fee" for the above Service as it requires much more time and talent to develop unique ideas and professionally illustrate them. The fee can vary, depending on size and complexity of the project. However, generally speaking, a nicely detailed average Kitchen or Bath ivill require a $500 Fee for this service. The "FEE" is applied to the purchase, providing the purchase meets the conditions outlined on the "Concept Design" agreement. Ash for a copy of this agreement.
Owner, Ron Hedges,  CMKBD
Certified "Master Kitchen/Bath Designer" by NKBA

Professional "Concept Design Service”:
Our professional "Concept Design Service" is available to those who do not already have properly detailed plans indicating the elements and details that are to be included in their project.
The Fee for this service is refundable against the purchase of the designed project, in accordance with the terms of the agreement. This planning service professionally addresses proper use of space as well as appearance values appropriate to the desires of the client, fee varies based on size and complexity of the project(s). The fee for an average project is $500. This service is provided by:
Ron Hedges,  
CMKBD  (Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer, by NKBA)