It depends on the size of your space
and the choices you make !

A remodel kitchen project that does not require architectural changes to the premises usually consists of the following elements:

Cabinetry probably offers the most variety and choices when it comes to quality level, door styles, species, finishes, accessories and flexibility. Therefore, a wide range of cost variation occurs in this category. Many think all cabinets are about the same. Definitely not true. Careful choices in this area need to be made so as to protect your overall investment in the project.

Countertop and Backsplashes:
Counter top and backsplash choices can create a wide range of cost variations on all   projects. Laminates, Tile, Solid Surface, Manufactured Stone, Natural Stone, Concrete and Solid Wood have individual characteristics that may be more appealing to one than to another and •will vary in cost from one selection to another.

The selection of your new appliances can vary greatly in cost depending on features, finish and brand choice. The internet is a good resource and selection guide.

Plumbing fixtures & fittings:
When we think of the plumbing requirements in the kitchen, we usually think of the normal sink and faucet. However, there could also be an additional island sink added, a refrigerator that now requires a water source or there may be changes or additions to the hot water heating system that requires attention.
Electrical-including lighting & receptacles:
It would be a rare remodel project that does not require changes or additions to the electrical system. Maybe just a few? more convenience receptacles, more commonly better lighting or additional circuits to handle more or larger appliances

Most projects will require new flooring, particularly if there is a change in the footprint of the new configuration. Most frequently used materials are: Vinyl, tile, laminate and real wood with variations in basic material cost, pattern selection and many times, color. Special preparation material and technique will also be a variable cost factor. Finished Wall Treatment:
Paint, Paper or Special Effects, there is usually attention needed to the exposed walls in order to have a finished project.

The TOTAL COST of a project is the sum of the above applicable products and service, plus the cost of the associated LABOR to produce the project.